Seal up the gaps...Seal in the Savings with an energy audit

Blower Door

Infrared Image of pull down stair

Is your house drafty?  Do your energy bills seem high? Do you have ice dams?  Call AirSealing America, LLC, for a free evaluation of your home's airsealing and insulation needs.  

The free evaluation includes a thorough review of the attic and basement, as well as a review of windows and doors.  

A detailed energy audit is usually recommended, which includes a blower door test  to evaluate the amount of air leakage in the home (remember, you pay to heat and/or cool the air in the home, so those leaks are costing you lots of money!)  Infrared scanning (IR) is another tool that can be used to pinpoint leakage.

Contact AirSealing America, LLC to schedule your free evaluation.

The Environmental Protection Agency has produced a handy room-by-room guide for air sealing and insulating your home.  Access it at the Energy Star site.