This nearby home was not

​​​​​​​​​​​AirSealing America, LLC offers Home Testing, Infrared Scanning, Air Sealing, Insulation, Home Energy Evaluation in Concord and surrounding communities.

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The picture above was taken on 2/5/15, after the blizzard of 2015.  Because the house was airsealed and insulated by AirSealing America, LLC, there are no icicles. 

We do energy assessments, energy audits, blower door testing, infrared scanning, airsealing (air sealing), insulating, and combustion safety testing in Concord and surrounding communities.

Seal up the gaps...seal in the savings

By properly airsealing and adding insulation to the home envelope, your home is more comfortable and cheaper to heat and cool.  Do you have forced hot air heating or AC ducts?    By sealing up leaks in the ductwork and air handler, you eliminate costly air leaks to the outdoors.

The Environment Protection Agency has produced a handy room-by-room guide for air sealing and insulating your home.  Access it at the Energy Star site.