Seal up the gaps...Seal in the Savings

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​J & G, West Concord, MA

"Mark Garvey’s down-to-earth and practical teachings on airsealing and insulation have been an inspiration to us. We’re frugal do-it-yourself-ers, so hate to pay someone to do anything we can do ourselves, but the money we’ve spent on Mark’s work has been worth every cent. His approach is wholistic: listening closely to our needs, he has helped us prioritize and think about costs in a way that few contractors ever do so honestly. He worked within our budget, considered our long-term goals for the house, and accommodated our quirky schedule cheerfully.

After much research, we decided to go ahead with airsealing and insulation last year (2011) and the cost-savings have been staggering. We noticed that the house was much cooler in the summer after Mark’s work, but we didn’t think too much about it. This winter, however, the changes have been hard to ignore. Now, it certainly has been an uncharacteristically warm winter (2011-12) and we also installed a pellet stove during the insulation process last spring—both of which are enormous factors in reducing our reliance on heating oil this winter. In other words, we are not pretending to compare apples to apples here, but the numbers are still quite striking:

Last winter (between mid-Nov 2010-mid Feb 2011) - we purchased 842 gallons of oil to heat our 4-bedroom house and our hot water
This winter (during the same phase: Nov 2011-Feb 2012) , we have purchased 238 gallons.

Even adjusting for the other changes, that’s a remarkable savings: a 72% drop in oil usage and—at current prices ($3.86/gallon for heating oil) that’s over $2,300 we’ve saved thus far this winter. Our investment will pay for itself. We really cannot recommend Mark more strongly—he’s an honest, engaged member of the local community and he will guide you in making decisions that will save you money over time and will also help you to live a greener life. (Even for us frugal folks, it’s pretty much a no brainer.)"

Sylvia Lotspeich Greene, Concord, MA

As part of a mold remediation and energy improvement project in my early 1950s house, the old fiberglass insulation needed to be removed from the attic and replaced with new insulation. Mark Garvey of Airsealing America in Concord, Massachusetts did a terrific job of dealing with a challenging situation, namely an older cramped and dusty space. He found the areas of sheetrock that needed mold remediation, sealed cracks, installed rigid boxes around recessed lighting fixtures, installed a new trap door and after the removal of the old insulation, installed new fiberglass insulation. During the process, he was unfailingly kind and pleasant and patient with all my questions. He kept me updated on everything that was happening in a prompt and timely manner through conversation in person and e-mail. The result was a significant improvement in the tightness of the house. I would highly recommend him.​

E.G., Newcastle, NH

​"Mark responded quickly and was very thorough in sealing my basement. My house is warmer and more comfortable and my heating costs are down" 

George and Jean F., Weston, MA

"Our house is so comfortable now - we love it!  I used to don my winter coat when heading to the basement, and now it's very comfortable.  Thank you, Mark"

Scott B., Brookline, MA

"Our home is so much warmer since you did the attic work.  Thanks!"

Father Neil G., Boston, MA

"I wholeheartedly recommend Mark's services.  If anyone would like to discuss my experience, ask for my contact information"

Richard P., Concord, MA

"Within days of Mark finishing our attic airsealing and insulation, my teenage son told me how comfortable his upstairs bedroom is.  My wife also commented that she had to turn down our thermostats because the house now heats up quickly and holds the heat.  I can't say enough about the great work of Mark Garvey and AirSealing America, LLC."  

Alicia C., Concord, MA

"I strongly recommend Mark Garvey in Concord at 978.495.1798.  I describe him as an insulation archeologist because he identifies the bones of the house, historical and current use of air flow through the bones and where good air needs to flow and be stopped from flowing.  He hand does the entire job using several methods and materials.  He insulated our 1880's Victorian and we can tell the difference!!"

Hanqing L., Boston, MA

I cannot imagine that I can have 64 degrees (usually 51 degrees if outside is 5) in my condo after Mark did the air sealing. Well, air sealing is to use spray foams and caulk to seal the leaks around the wall, windows and floors. Everyone can do it, BUT why we need professional guys to do the job? First, it looks extremely nice. As I did some parts on the floor, it was obviously visible! Mark did all the windows and my roommates didn't even notice the difference (they noticed the warmth, though).  Second, it helps you to save a lot of time. Only 1117 square ft in my condo but for me it needs around 3 days to complete all the job, for Mark? couple of hours. The most important thing! Mark has well equipments to spot and test all the leaks and in your condo (blower door & infrared camera).

Frank H., Structural Engineer, Acton, MA

"We love our toasty house!  Thanks, Mark!"

Marianne R., Harvard, MA

"After Mark plugged up the leaks in our lake house and added insulation, we used 2/3 less propane last winter.  Hallelujah!"

Kate, Concord, MA

"We continually sing your praises to our friends and neighbors. I just got a bill from National Grid for 30 - 40 % less than before you did all our insulation. I hope more andmore people will understand how important insulation is."